Where to Go: Union Jacks

Mar, 11 15 Post by: Amy

303786_453893444670101_323905746_nUnion Jacks, located at 124 Northshore Drive, is Knoxville’s place to tie on a pint or two in a small, British-style pub. With an offering of more than 25 beers on tap and over 200 more bottled there should be a brew available to please almost any hops fan.

My suggestion: order “The Imperial.” Don’t ask questions, just order it!

Don’t bother coming unless you’re 21 or older and don’t expect to be loved on by the staff — that’s not why they’re there. The bartenders are there to give you beer, not chit chat and giggle about whatever is on your mind. Bring a friend or three for that.

The atmosphere is small and dimly lit with high-set bar stools and some side booths that can accommodate a larger party of, say roughly 6 people. The place fills up fast, so don’t be surprised to find yourself standing elbow to elbow with fellow patrons. It can also be smoky, so if that bothers you try going when it is warm and sit outside.

If you think you’re smarter than the average brew drinking go on a Sunday evening and put your grey matter to the test. Arrive around 6 or 6:30 pm to nosh on some of the menu items before the Trivia night begins (7 pm). Note: this is NOT one of those franchise businesses that do a “circuit” of trivia nights. There is a magical mystery man (and sometimes woman) who comes up with hard core, next level trivia questions to put brainiacs through the ringer. You’ll find many University of Tennessee professors bring their think tank brains and clean house many times, but I have won the bonus question a couple of times. For example, I guessed the average number of sesame seeds on a Big Mac bun — 154.

Not into Trivia? No worries, they also have pool and darts.

If you’re still unsure what to make of Union Jacks, take a minute to read my favorite rating of this place given by BigRobMan’s on ratebeer.

Bombing pub fare- eat the ancho and be happy with your life. Beer selection is best you’re going to get in one place, concerning imports et al.- ~200 beers @ any one time. great dingy pub with new patio. (Much needed). problem here Norm; once the smoking law was put into place all smokers found Jacks and now you’ll be damned if you’re a non smoker. It’s almost always STANKY! When I leave there my beard smells like the carpet from a a ’76 el camino that an old-blue-hair pulling on a new pack of Virginia Slims 100’s…. Still love the dog snot out of the place.

If you go: Hours are M-Sa 4pm to 3pm, Sun. 6pm to 12am; phone 865.584.5161.

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