The House That Built Me

Apr, 03 15 Post by: Amy

Are you familiar with the popular tune, “The House That Built Me,” sung by Miranda Lambert? If not, take a quick listen.

So, if you’re like my family and I, you probably teared up the first time you heard this song. We all did. Just as I am trying my best not to do listening to it again while writing this blog.

IMG_7447If we were lucky, we had the joy of having a home (and maybe two) where we grew up, made friends, celebrated birthdays, said a new “Hello” and few “Goodbyes,” played with pets, earned a few scars, climbed a few trees, giggled all night at sleepovers, and made blanket forts on rainy days.

Who knew how sacred those years were? How secure that feeling is of knowing that we had a place — a home — that as soon as it became dark out, (for some mysterious reason) we had to go back to.

And now it’s our turn to create those spaces and places for our friends and family — all those we love (easy or not). To have the same pleasure our parents, guardians or loved-ones had in providing that for us. There’s a slight sadness in knowing those days are over, but it can easily be replaced by the pride and joy of providing a home base for those in your charge. Diana and I questioned long a hard over, “What is a word that means and embodies ‘the joy one feels in being able to provide for your loved ones?'”  Many of us say that we want to give our kids what we had growing up, or something better. There is a word for the joy of driving (Fahrvergnügen), but not one for the feelings we attach to creating or recreating and providing a comforting place to raise a family?

How many times has your home served as the backdrop for holiday family photos? Homes grow with us.

How many times has your home served as the backdrop for holiday family photos? Homes grow with us.

The Vietnamese have a word that gets close to the heart of this, có hiếu. We came up empty handed looking for an English word. So, what’s your word for that — is it prideful, nostalgic, success? What adjective describes the desire to give and share the fondness we have for the space in which we create memories and with others? We want to know  your thoughts! Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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