Memories of Home: Mom’s Version of Airbnb

Apr, 16 15 Post by: Amy
Hanging at a Bluegrass Festival.

Hanging at a Bluegrass Festival.

I consider anyone alive during the 1980s to be lucky. The ’80’s, for those of us who had a good upbringing, was a golden time. Now that those memories are becoming smaller images in the rearview of life nostalgia is setting in for many of us, including me.

I had never really given much of a thought about the ’80’s as we progressed into the 1990’s figuring-out-who-we-are phase of life. Thinking about childhood in the ’80’s makes us wanna put our cell phones, lap tops, and tablets down for a day and just play Rook or Spades … or call our mama’s. Drawing up memories can leave us wondering what ever happened to people we knew that came and went through our social circles — for me its CarrieAnn Skiff.

The song “83” definitely takes me back. Take a listen, but be prepared to get lost in your own childhood memories!


I still have that sleeping bag! Circa 1981

John Mayer spent time in Georgia and when I hear this song I think about 1983 in Tennessee. The worlds Fair was just over, but during it my mother had converted half of our house into a short term rental for tourists coming to the fair. She was like airbnb but WAY before it’s time.  I met all kinds of different people whom she boarded during the World’s Fair for extra income.  Some she stayed in touch with for decades, and (for me) it was a great opportunity to see what people were like from all different walks of life and places on this earth.

Who knew that using a home to create extra income would create such a cool experience? Have you or your family ever used your home to make extra income? Any good stories about that?

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