Garland Properties’ Home Selling Celebrations

Sep, 05 15 Post by: Amy
Our functions are fully catered.

Amazing Grilled Chicken and Tortellini from the Savory Whisk.

At Garland Properties we know the excitement, anxiety and other emotions that our clients feel as they go through the home buying process. And at the end of the sale we believe in going the extra mile in helping you settle into your new home and neighborhood. That’s why Garland Properties owner Amy Garland takes it upon herself to throw each of her clients a house warming party.

Yup, you read that right. After purchasing a home through Garland Properties, Amy will plan and cater a special event to help you meet your new neighbors and welcome friends and family to your new place.


Beautiful warm brie from the Savory Whisk.

“The people I’ve had the pleasure of working with fall into this category I call ‘Frients,” that’s clients + friends,” said Amy. “I let them get settled in and when they’re ready, they tell me what date they’d like to have guests and I take care of everything. I’ve even gone out into their neighborhood and personally invited neighbors to come meet the new residents!”

Everyone wants to see your new home and as much as new homeowners want to show it off, entertaining at home takes time and energy to plan. It’s one less thing to worry about when moving in and trying to get settled. Once most of the finishing touches have been put onto the new place and boxes unpacked, Amy’s ‘frients’ get a top notch party like the one thrown this month for a couple in West Knoxville.

Friends and family were invited and food was catered by The Savory Whisk, which cooks a beautiful and delicious and meals. This party featured a summer menu of Grilled Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, & Sugar Snap Peas with smoky honey mustard dip; Warm Brie w/mango and raspberries; Grilled Chicken, asparagus, and cheese tortellini skewers with pesto; and Cheesecake bites w/chocolate and caramel sauce.

Housewarming parties are our way of saying thank you for your business.  

PostScript! Sometimes House Warming parties turn into something even more special!! So exciting!


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