A Thoughtfully Composed Coffee Table

Sep, 26 14 Post by: Amy

CoffeetablepicA thoughtfully composed coffee table speaks volumes about its owner; the surface serves as both a focal point in the heart of the living room and a showcase for books and objects that tell a story about who you are and how your dress your home. We reference Helen Harbin Davis of H & H HOME’s portfolio regularly for coffee table inspiration, so we asked her to share her expert advice for creating a well-styled surface. Here are her recommendations:

  • Use books as a base: Place large, heavy books on the table and then start working your way up. This will create visual symmetry, add pops of color, and anchor your design.
  • Try a tray: When dealing with a larger table, layering a tray underneath your books and other objects can make the table seem less massive by breaking up the surface area.
  • Opposites attract: I love pairing tall with short, high end with low end, brass with silver. Never be afraid to mix metals or styles! It will give your table a personal and eclectic look. When arranged properly, almost anything can be made to look beautiful.
  • Include pieces that tell a story. In many cases your coffee table is found at the center of your social or entertaining space. Including souvenirs or mementos from your travels reflects your personality. Plus, pieces such as matches, paperweights, and candles found in faraway places have the added bonus of also being functional.
  • Balance is key: Pair tall objects such as obelisks or candlesticks with smaller, sculptural pieces like bowls and paperweights to balance your table and create visual interest.
  • Embrace flower power: Flowers are an easy, fresh way to brighten up your table. Changing your arrangements periodically is an easy way to bring new life and color to your design!
  • Change it up: We change our clothes as our moods and our weather demands. Why not change up your coffee table, which you look at every day? Incorporate different colors, change flowers seasonally, and switch out objects.

Expert tip from Helen Harbin Davis of H & H HOME in Atlanta, GA via THE SCOUT GUIDE.

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